NOCTI Testing

At the end of each of the four levels of this apprenticeship, there is a comprehensive test that was designed by NOCTI with input from subject matter experts from participating companies. Learning support staff will schedule review sessions at the point where 2 or more apprentices are ready to take the test. Level 1 has only a written test but other levels have tests of practical skills where skill demonstration is required.

Call or email NOCTI when your apprentice has successfully completed all the competencies in your current level to arrange testing. When you receive your test results from NOCTI, upload them to this website via the Competency Completion at the end of the appropriate apprenticeship level for review by your mentor.

Each dealership should appoint a testing coordinator to deal with NOCTI and the testing process. Use this link to complete the NOCTI testing agreement to have your account established.

The process for applying for NOCTI testing is explained in the following documents:

Managing Your Testing Program

Online Ordering Step by Step

This is the link to the NOCTI Client Services Center:

NOCTI, 500 N Bronson Ave., Big Rapids, MI 49307-9036.  Call 800-334-6283 or e-mail to