About NEDA

The Northeast Equipment Dealers Association (NEDA) represents over 450 agricultural, industrial, rental and outdoor power equipment dealers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Our mission is to promote the general welfare of equipment dealer members. We work to promote the industry, facilitate manufacturer relations, support favorable legislation, develop programs and services that will help our members maximize the performance of their dealerships. NEDA works hard to address issues affecting their normal day-to-day business .

How was our apprenticeship program developed?

Our apprenticeship program was built from the ground up by service departments staff whom represent several of the leading dealers in the equipment industry. Although they are fierce competitors, Messick’s, Hoober Inc., Binkley & Hurst and Deer Country recognized that top-quality service departments were key to their and their customers success. At the same time, finding and hiring qualified technicians is becoming increasingly challenging. In co-operation with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and NEDA, they set about building an apprenticeship program focused on “competencies.” We looked at our floor technicians and asked regardless of which dealership what skills/competencies are required to be an effective technician. That listing of skills became the foundation for our apprenticeship programs.