Virtually all modern agriculture depends on equipment. The agricultural industry transitioned from away from an inefficient production model highly dependent on manual labor to a highly efficient model utilizing the equipment and technology to leverage labor to maximize production. Regardless of manufacturer Agricultural Equipment depends on Agricultural Technicians for set-up, repair and preventive maintenance. Without equipment technicians modern agriculture can’t function.

Apprenticeship is a proven training model/career path with a long history in both the US and Europe. Paul Revere was an apprentice silversmith!

Everyone has their own unique set of skills. Some are mechanically inclined others are better with computers and diagnostic tools. Recognizing everyone will bring a different set of skills, preference or access to educational training/support, NEDA’s apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship programs adopted a highly flexible model focused on mastery of essential skills and competencies.

Get a Head Start with a Pre-Apprenticeship

Our pre-apprenticeship program enables high school students and others to explore the career, begin building basic skills and credit towards the full apprenticeship. We anticipate that those who go on to enroll in the full apprenticeship program should be able to master all skills/competencies required within two years.

More information about the application process can be found by clicking here.