Looking for a challenging and rewarding career? Want to be respected and valued? Work independently? Are you good a problem solving? A career as an Agricultural Equipment Technician may be your ticket!

Both the pre and full apprenticeship programs are based on the same competency list and use the same third-party validation tests (written and hands on). The full apprenticeship is divided into 4 levels each building upon skills mastered in the previous level. Levels one and two form the foundation of the pre-apprenticeship program, are the same competencies and use the same validation tests as levels one and two in the full apprenticeship. Regardless of program how fast an individual progresses thought the levels is dependent on how fast they can master and demonstrate the skills outlined in each level.

Those same performance tests can help identify candidates who’ve already mastered skills while working in another industry, enabling them to enroll at a higher level and/or develop a unique training/education programs focused on their specific needs.

Opportunities for Advancement

Many of our current technicians have been with their dealers for 20 years or more!  There’s ample opportunity for advancement or specialization within dealership and the industry for those willing to put in the work, learn new skills, work as an individual and valued team member.

Establish and account, login, individual task grid, work-keys testing contact information.

Those interested in pursuing the full agricultural equipment technician apprenticeship can find the questionnaire here, work-keys testing contact information can be found here.