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Agricultural Equipment Technician Apprentice Management System

This apprenticeship program is sponsored by the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association for our dealer members and their employees. If you are a student or an adult in the workforce who has an interest in a well-paying career as a technician maintaining and repairing agricultural equipment, please explore becoming an agricultural equipment technician. Scroll down to learn more…



A career to be proud of

A career, not just a job

Demand for trained agricultural equipment technicians is tremendous. The agriculture equipment industry in Pennsylvania and the northeast U.S. is expected to turn over nearly 100% of its mechanics and service technicians over the next ten years. Dealers will need to attract more than 1,000 new and replacement technicians. If you enjoy using technology, working with your hands and solving real problems, a career in equipment maintenance and repair may be for you. Find out how an apprenticeship may be the best way for you to get into this growing industry by working as you learn.

Learn by doing

Are you a “kinesthetic” learner?

If you are best at learning by doing, you are probably what is known among educators as a kinesthetic learner. Kinesthestic learners learn by working with their hands and actually doing tasks related to what they are learning. Apprenticeships combine hands-on experience in a real workplace along with classroom and book learning.

Earn your degree while working

Associate degrees and technical certificates

If finding the money to further your education is a concern, why not work while receiving credit for your work as well as for the time spent in the class room? Apprenticeships allow you to work full or part-time while you earn your degree or technical certificate. Some employers even offer tuition assistance to their apprentices.

Achieve your goals

Achieve your goals more quickly

An apprenticeship as an agricultural equipment technician will set you on a career path that provides a family-sustaining salary and benefits, offers opportunities for advancement and will help you acheive your life goals.