Agriculture has undergone tremendous change.  Today’s farmer can accomplish in hours what to long ago might have taken a week!  Innovation in equipment and other technologies have enabled farmers to leverage their land and labor resources, producing more with less.  Lack of labor has forced farmers to do what had traditionally been done with manual labor with equipment (technology), without equipment and technology farmers simply couldn’t keep up!

As the industry evolves, agricultural equipment technicians will play an ever more important role in the vitality and health of the agricultural economy.  The future of agriculture depends on equipment and the people who can keep it running!

Pre-Apprenticeships Geared to Students

Both our pre and full apprenticeship programs are built on the same competency lists and use the same validation test(s). Because both programs are competency based a candidate can move at their own pace.  What matters is, have candidate/students mastered the skills necessary to do the job.

Pre-apprenticeship is simply levels one and two of the full apprenticeship program and is intended to allow students the opportunity to explore a career as an Agricultural Service Technician, access to educational and support programming, work experience opportunities while providing additional flexibility for candidates (students and adult learners), teachers and dealers. All credit/competencies mastered while registered as a preapprenticeship can be credited/carried over to the full apprenticeship program.

We Are Here to Help!

As the program sponsor the Northeast Equipment Dealers Association (NEDA), in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Departments of Agriculture, Labor and Education and The Lancaster Workforce Development Board are committed to supporting both students and teachers with students enrolled in the agricultural equipment technician apprenticeship programs. Many of you are already teaching some of core skills/competencies or have access to other educational programming.  Regardless if you’ve identified a gap in your program of instruction or are looking to improve, NEDA, our dealers and industry partners are here to help!

NEDA will:

  • Sponsor professional development programs based on “teacher” feedback (currently working on Electronics, Hydraulics and Diesel “teach the teacher” programs)
  • Help organize class visits to dealerships
  • Help organize internships/externships
  • Support Continuing professional development for teachers
  • Support Micro-credentialing opportunities within the Apprenticeships

As teachers you have a unique opportunity to help build life skills and competencies, expose your students to fulfilling and sustaining careers and industries they may not have otherwise considered. NEDA and our members want to help!

Questions? Need More information?

If you have questions or need more information about how to enroll your students in this exciting career opportunity, please contact us.