Full Apprenticeship

The Application Process

This apprenticeship accepts applications throughout the year.

  • Prospective apprentices provide a complete application (see below) and submit it to Mr. Wentz who reviews it for accuracy and completeness.
  • Contact information/registration for “work-keys” testing sent upon receipt
  • Each complete application is sent to all of the employers in the consortium for consideration.
  • Within two weeks, the employers reach out to the candidate for what amounts to a job interview and an interview for the apprenticeship. More than one employer may reach out to a single candidate.
  • Employers make the apprenticeship offer and facilitate the hiring process for their company.
  • Candidates must advise the employer making the offer of their interest within 24 hours.
  • At the point of hire, the newly-hired candidate also becomes an apprentice and is enrolled for the purpose of record-keeping. A mentor is assigned on-site with the employer to be the point of contact for connecting the apprentices to related training, for supervising on-the-job training, for arranging evaluation processes, and for completing apprenticeship-related paperwork.
  • There is no guarantee of employment or acceptance into the apprenticeship when one enters the pool of candidates but a candidate can remain in the pool until they are chosen or they choose to withdraw.

Full Apprenticeship

Agricultural Technician Apprenticeship Questionnaire

Employer Acceptance Agreement

Journeyperson Wage Verification

Standards of Apprenticeship


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